Pricing Explained

It's common for online platforms like Kulla to have a monthly pricing structure based on various factors such as number of users, data storage, unlocking features etc.

However, at Kulla we have a different approach. Rather than monthly subscriptions, site licenses, user licenses, annual contracts and such like, with our platform you just pay for what you use, as and when you use it. This has multiple advantages:

  • Simplicity - no having to work out compromises between plan features versus number of users versus monthly cost
  • Freedom - sign up as many users as you like, upload as much data as you like, export as much data as you like without having to think about plan limit constraints
  • Flexibility - with no regular subscriptions, you can adapt usage to business conditions. Got a big job coming in? No need to worry about blowing through your allowances. Quiet period? You don't have the overhead of paying for software you're not going to use
  • Predictability - when planning your work you can predict usage needs and cost it in to your quoting system

So, creating Kulla user accounts and setting up your company is free
App downloads are free

PGM Manager App

When using the PGM Manager app, there are two chargeable elements to it. The first is an "upload"
which means exporting the details of a permanent ground marker from the app into Kulla so it can be reviewed and edited. The second is an "export" which means creating a PDF witness diagram (regardless of which template you use). There is no requirement to create witness diagrams for every PGM uploaded - the decision of which ones to export is up to you.

We'll create custom witness diagram templates based on what you already use (or we can design new ones) for free - get in touch and tell us what you need.

So you can evaulate PGM Manager at your leisure, the first 25 uploads and exports are free, then...

£0.20 per upload
£2.00 per export

That's it. Charges are invoiced in arrears monthly from the date you enter your billing details e.g. if you set up billing on 15th August, your first invoice will be due on 15th September to encompass everything you've used in between.

If you have any questions around pricing and billing, please contact us to find out more.

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