Deleting Data from the Device

Similar to exporting, PGMs can be deleted from your device when no longer required in one of two ways - individually or in batches.

If you only want to delete a single PGM, simply swipe your finger right on in in the list to reveal a Delete button. Tap that and you'll get a dialog asking if you're sure, as once you delete something there's no way to bring it back. Tap on "OK" to complete the process.

If you've done a batch export and have lots of PGMs that no longer to be on your device, you can delete them all in one go using the batch delete feature. To do this, tap on the dustbin icon in the toolbar above the list of PGMs.

This will bring up two options to choose from:

  • Select which PGMs to delete
  • Automatically delete all PGMs that have been exported i.e that are green in the list

These options are pretty self-explanatory and can be seen below. If you go with choosing which PGMs to remove, tap the dustbin icon again once you've made your selection to trigger the delete.

The last thing to consider when deleting PGMs is what happens to the photographs you've taken. By default, they get stored in your device's photo library so they can be accessed from outside the app if required. It's likely that once you're finished with the PGM you won't need the photos any more so they can be deleted too, but if for any reason you want to keep them then you have that option. The below dialog shows how you make your choice:

If you opt to remove the photos, you will see another dialog asking for confirmation. This is built in to iOS by Apple so developers can't randomly delete your pictures. Tap on "Delete" and the PGMs will be removed from your device.

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