Exporting Data to Kulla

Once you've captured all the information for your control points, it's time to upload it to Kulla so it's stored and accessible to all your colleagues.

In order to be able to export, you need to have a Kulla account so you can log in and the app knows which company the data belongs to. Refer to the Kulla articles if don't have this yet.

Also, uploads are chargeable as per our pricing structure.

You need an internet connection for uploading your PGMs. It'll work with a 3g or 4g connection, but wifi is preferable as the photos and diagrams can be quite large and take up a lot of bandwidth. Company phone data allowances can soon get swallowed up with big files like these!

If you have both of those, then there are two ways to export. You can do it individually for a single PGM by tapping the button at the top right of the data entry view, shown below:


However, it's probably the case that you've got a number of PGMs in the list on the homepage and it would be easier to export them all in one go. In that case, we tap the same button but at the top of the homepage where all the PGMs are listed.

Similar to duplicating a PGM, tapping on this export button will give you a couple of options to choose from. You can either:

  • Choose which PGMs you'd like to export
  • Export all PGMs that are in the draft state i.e. haven't been exported yet

If you've just created a bunch of PGMs, the second one is probably the one you want. A screenshot of these options is shown below:

If you select "Selection", you choose which PGMs you need from the list and the tap on the export button again to trigger the upload. If you select "All Draft", any PGM that has not yet been exported will be uploaded to Kulla automatically. 

Either way, activity indicators will appear on the PGMs in the list to show you the progress of the uploads, like so:

Once a PGM has been successfully uploaded, it'll turn green so you can easily see which ones in the list have been exported and which ones haven't.

Even though a PGM has been exported, you can still go back in and edit it if needed. Then, once you're ready you can export it/them again using either of the methods outlined above. Doing this will overwrite the information that's currently in the database with the new data. Once a PGM has been uploaded, editing it and re-uploading does not incur any extra charges.

Once all your data has been uploaded and you're satisfied you don't need it any more, it can be deleted from the device at your leisure.

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