Data Entry

When you first launch the PGM Manger app, you will presented with the view below.  PGM stands for Permanent Ground Marker, so for each control point you install you'll create a new PGM in the app to hold the data for that particular marker.

If, as is common, you need to record data for multiple control points as part of the same job then you will have to create a PGM for each different point but as we shall see in another article, it's possible to duplicate PGMs and adjust the relevant data to suit your needs.

To create your first PGM, tap on the + button indicated by the arrow.

All data entered into the app is saved automatically so there is no need to tap a "Save" button or anything like that. To allow the flexibility of adapting data capture to your particular needs there is only one field that is mandatory to complete before exporting - Job Number. All data uploaded from the app into Kulla is sorted via Job Number so this needs to be in place. You are free to complete any other fields that you need to capture information for leave them.  It's up to you and what requirements you have for record keeping and creating witness diagrams.

The full PGM detail user interface is show below. For the most part, it's simple text fields that can be completed using the device's keyboard. Some notable other features are:

  • Get Current Location button - tapping this will trigger the device's location hardware to calculate your GPS coordinates. Latitude and longitude will be populated in the text fields underneath, along with the horizontal accuracy of the results. Outdoors, with a clear line of sight to satellites you should be able to get down to 5m accuracy. Being inside buildings or cuttings etc is likely to reduce this figure
  • Map - use this to show the location of the marker you installed. The "Zoom to Current Location" button will zoom in and centre the map on your position according to the device's location hardware. From there you can zoom and pan to get the position of the control point into the red triangle. N.B. the map needs an internet connection to load tiles 
  • Camera - Use the "Take Photo" button to take up to six photos per PGM. For each picture you take, you will see a thumbnail that will allow you to view the photo in high resolutions and delete it if required
  • Diagram - this allows you to annotate a photograph by overlaying lines and text over it. This is covered in more detail in this article


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