You are now ready for you and your colleagues to start uploading data from mobile apps and doing useful things with it. You can learn about how data from our PGM Manager app is displayed, manipulated and exported in Kulla by visiting the PGM Manager Getting Started pages.

A rundown of the options that appear in the Kulla navigation bar at the left hand side is as follows:

Overview - this view appears when you first log in as an Administrator. There is a graph to show you how many uploads and exports you have carried out for data collected using the PGM Manager app. You can also see here how many trial sets of data you have left. As we release more apps, data for those will appear in this area too
Company Details - the company information that was entered at the beginning of the process can be viewed and edited here
Users - as seen in step 3, this is the area where Administrators can manage the users and roles associated with a company
Uploaded Data - all data exported from mobile apps will be accessible in here. Different types of data will appear as options within a sub menu depending on which app it was exported from. Details of how to interact in the data is found in the app's own pages on this Help Centre
Billing - If you decide to carry on using Kulla after your trial allocation of uploads is used up, this is the area where you enter and manage your payment details
Profile - This is where you can see the details of your own user account, change your password etc

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