Kulla is the web platform that captures all the data gathered by our mobile apps. Whenever you tap the "Export" button in an app, the information gets beamed into Kulla and you can then log in to review it.

Like most other online platforms, anyone who wants to use Kulla needs to create an account with a username and password so they can log in and gain access.

To ensure that all the information relating to your organisation is kept in one place, somebody needs to set up your "company" in Kulla and then invite other users to come and be part of it. This way, when somebody logs in to either an app or the Kulla web portal, they access only the data that is relevant to them.

There are two "roles" within a company - Administrator and User. The person who initially sets up the company automatically becomes and Administrator and this gives them the power to invite other people to join, either as other Administrators or standard Users.

Administrators have access to all the company details such as billing information etc and can invite other users as mentioned above, change their roles and remove them from the company if required.

Users only have access to the data that has been uploaded for that company so they can go in and review/edit/export it.

A Kulla account can be associated with more than one company, or none at all. If somebody's account isn't linked to a company though, they can't upload any data from an app as there is nowhere for it to be stored.

For more detail on each of these areas, see the rest of the articles in this section.

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