Creating Witness Diagrams

For any data that has been uploaded from the PGM Manager app, it's quick and easy to create a PDF witness diagram that you can supply to your clients.

You can do this "straight out of the box" by using our built in templates which give you the choice of some generic diagrams and standard layouts that we build in for companies like Network Rail.

However, as part of the Kulla offering we will create templates that will allow you to recreate the witness diagrams you already produce in-house, or design new ones for you if you like, all free of charge. Simply get in touch and let us know what you need - once we've built the template for you it will appear as an option in the export menu exclusively for members of your company.

It should be noted that the creation of witness diagrams is chargeable, based on our pricing structure. To allow for the rectification of errors etc, you can export (i.e create a PDF) three times per PGM and only be charged once. However, it is possible to preview what the PDF is going to look like as many times as you like to ensure it's correct before actually exporting it. The only difference between exporting and previewing is that previews have a watermark on them.

Below is a screenshot of the PGM detail view with the Preview and Export buttons clearly visible in amber and red in the top right (note the counter showing how many exports remaining in the Export button). Clicking on either of these will display a list of the available templates. The built-in options are

  • Kulla Generic Grid - generic witness diagram with location information displayed as eastings and northings with a grid and datum
  • Kulla Generic GPS - generic witness diagram with location information displayed as decimal coordinates
  • Network Rail PGM - witness diagram as required for installing control points for Network Rail

Any custom witness diagram templates we create for you will also appear in this list.

Simply click on whichever option you want to use and your PDF witness diagram will download in a matter of seconds. If you Export rather than Preview, the counter in the button will reduce by one. Once you have used the Export button three times, it becomes disabled. 

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