Multiple Markers on the Same Site

It's very common to go out to site and install multiple control points as part of the same job. A lot of the details you enter in the data entry user interface will be the same for each of these markers so it would be a pain to have to type it in over and over again for each control point.

To get round this, once you have a PGM saved on your device it will appear in a list on the homepage of the app. Now, whenever you tap on the + button to create another on it will give you three options:

  • Create a PGM from scratch
  • Copy the last one created
  • Pick a PGM to copy

The first option creates a blank PGM that needs all its data completed manually. The second will take the most recent PGM created and populate the data entry user interface with all the data from it. The third does pretty much the same thing except you get to choose which PGM you want to duplicate out of the list rather than it happening automatically.

The only items that aren't duplicated when copying PGMs in this manner are:

  • The Job Number Suffix field
  • The PGM ID field
  • Any photographs that were taken
  • The diagram

Everything else is copied across so you can just update whatever data's unique to that PGM, take some more photos, create another diagram, save it and then repeat the process as many times as necessary. Easy!

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